Recent projects

Integration project

Intrum Nederland B.V.

2023 Q2 — present

A 24/7 corporation requires accurate and timely data exchange. Exigency is realizing a functional specification for a real-time data exchange project between Intrum and a third-party using Mulesoft, in addition to providing development resources to accommodate the local ERP system for this integration project.

Application development

Briteblue Solutions B.V.

2022 Q4 — 2023 Q1

Industrial digitalization is a solid combination: after the release of the industrial planning application in 2022, Exigency has been also asked to create a 'Shopfloor' application for machine operators that extends the application suite. This touchscreen application enables operators to intuitively display project information (and 3D visuals), in addition to registering and viewing progress, so throughout the whole process chain projects can be planned and monitored with great accuracy.

Process consultancy

Intrum Nederland B.V.

2022 Q2 — 2022 Q3

Credit management companies deeply value their communication processes. To strengthen continuity and overall flexibility, Exigency is assisting Intrum with a migration to a new platform by delivering highly detailed, platform-agnostic functional documentation of all outgoing communication. In addition to that, Exigency is assisting Intrum with migrating to a new Document Management System (DMS) and ensuring all documents are transferred in a scalable, reliable manner.

Application development

Briteblue Solutions B.V.

2021 Q3 — 2022 Q2

Intelligent planning helps increasing agility, reducing material waste and decreasing costs within the industrial engineering industry. Exigency assists BriteBlue with the development of a tailored industrial resource planning application. Using reactive development through Vue.js and Node microservices, a close loop has been established between functional designers, business users and our developers to push out new features on a weekly basis and to create cutting-edge functionalities on top of proven industrial soft- and hardware. The application is actively used by a professional industrial engineering party to streamline processes.

Full-cycle document composition business process

Intrum Nederland B.V.

2020 Q3

For a financial client of Intrum, Exigency has created a document composition process and a set of dynamic document templates using the low-code Bottomline Transform. These dynamic document templates are full-color and contain the necessary formulas according to client demands. The document creation process for composition, document separation and enveloping (using DataMatrix and KIX codes) is fully tailored to meet the printshop demands.

Mobile QA App

Qc LinQ B.V.

2020 Q1 — 2020 Q2

Punctuality and reliability is of paramount importance within the nautical QA industry. For Qc LinQ we created a mobile application for QA field engineers to do checks on the spot. The application includes offline support, dynamic form composition, attachment management and clever use of on-device peripherals such as the on-device camera. It's fully tested with both low-end and high end devices running Android 4.4+ and iOS 11+. The platform used is Nativescript with Vue.JS, two popular modern development platforms for Rapid Application Development.

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