We create logical and user-friendly applications for mobile and web environments in a timely fashion using reactive programming and adapt existing solutions to fit your needs.

We are specialized utilizing web technologies, which can be ported to desktop applications to meet your IT compliancy requirements.

Functional design

A proper functional design is a success factor for all IT projects. We visualize early, making sure the end-result resonates with the relevant stakeholders. The way we see things, rapid prototyping is becoming the norm, with no-code and zero-configuration solutions becoming increasingly commonplace within the industry.


Sometimes a fresh look of a third-party helps changing perspective. We have several instruments to identify bottlenecks and innovation opportunities, taking into account a variety of IT mediums within your company. 

As with our functional designs, we believe visualization is key here as this invites early feedback and greatly increases acceptance.


As a stand-alone service or part of the development process, Exigency securely connects and integrates your Apps and ETL's through a variety modern communication standards, such as REST as rest and Single Sign-On (SSO) protocols.